CCK Automations, Inc. is a technology-based organization who strives to meet our customer’s electrical and electronic needs. We specialize in designing custom circuit board assemblies for specific and unique applications. We take great pride in building boards and control panels that have been designed and manufactured by some of the most experienced people in the industry. We have continued to grow our business, despite the uncertain economy, due to our relentless work ethic and need for success.


JJ and Sherri Richardson started CCK Automations, Inc. because JJ saw a need in the community for manufacturing electronic products. We initially started with a mere four employees in 1999 with a manufacturing facility measuring in at 14,000 sq. ft. At the end of 2012, we  expanded to 49 employees and a manufacturing facility of 100,000 sq. ft! Another large Expansion was in 2015, CCK purchased an Injection Molding facility and relocated it to Jacksonville. We now have the capability to manufacture plastic products in our facility, ranging from 35 ton machines all the way to 500 ton machines. With this expansion by 2017 CCK had grown to over 100 employees.

CCK Automations Staff

JJ Richardson




Human Resources & Training Manager

Sherri Richardson

Chief Financial Officer

Brett Hinds

Sales Representative

Kirk McClelland

Maintenance Manager

Rich Klinker

Production Manager

Tana Hinthorne

Sales Representative

Jeremy Keller

Purchasing Manager

Chad Livengood


Paul Stephens

Quality Manager

Larry Patterson

Information Services Manager